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What is Sola Tokens | How to Collect Free Sola Tokens ?

what-is-sola-tokenSola Token is a pure utility token and the only currency used for transactions on the Sola platform:
• Possession of a token has no benefits other than monetary;
• Sola ecosystem exclusively uses Sola Token for transactions;
• Revenue in other currencies is converted into SOL through crypto exchanges;
• Users’ and developers’ earnings and rewards are provided in SOL;
• Third-party services built on the Sola platform should use SOL;
• Purchasing of additional services on Sola app (cards exposed to more users, action points, ad-free experience).

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You can obtain SOL tokens in the following ways:
• Buy during Token Sale;
• Earn tokens by creating quality content endorsed by other users in Sola app;
• Earn tokens as a node owner, providing for the service distribution;
• Earn tokens by taking part in the Bounty Development Program, improving Sola platform and Sola app;
• Procure or trade tokens for different currency on the crypto exchange.
Sola Token economic system is a hybrid of an internal crypto economy powered by own token and external revenue streams with different monetization methods powered by a variety of currencies.

Our idea is simple: in the current state of the crypto market it is still possible to make money out of thin air for a while using speculative approach to ensure token value, but it cannot serve as a long-term sustainable business model. The bubble will pop someday. To cover our expenses and fulfill our obligations to customers, partners and employees we have to earn money. In contrast to the critics of centralized social networks, we do not think
advertising business model is “broken”. It is unequal to the user and it can be significantly improved with the implementation of a crypto economy, but it is definitely not broken.

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Revenue streams
Sola has a number of revenue streams:
• Native advertising (third-party networks at the early stage);
• Pay-per-engagement model (connectors for 3rd-party services that want to benefit their users for engagement — games, apps;
• Custom ad-hoc campaigns;
• User purchases for services built on Sola Platform (Action Points, ad-free accounts, additional exposure);
• SOL transactions commission;
• Token sale (limited capacity).
Stack and card format makes Sola app a perfect fit for native advertising. The frequency of ads displayed will be defined by tests. At the moment we consider that user will not see more than 2–3 ad cards per day, which is much less than what other social media can suggest. What makes Sola platform unique is the fact that users will be interested in boosting advertising on the network, as this has an effect on their potential earnings and the value of SOL.

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